Submission Guidelines | 投稿指南

1. The paper submissions should use the exact template, which can be downloaded here. | 请按照下方论文模板准备您的文章。

2. The full papers should not exceed 10 pages, page 1-5 are free, page 6-10 will be charged additionally. | 论文发表最多不超过十页。超过五页,需要加收超页费。
Accepted full papers will be invited to be published into the conference proceedings, the authors will be invited to give an oral / poster presentation.

3. The Abstract should not exceed 1 page. | 摘要投稿不超过一页。
Accepted abstracts will be invited to give an oral / poster presentation without publishing into the proceedings.

 4. If you prefer poster presentation, please indicate in the registration form. | 如您想要粘贴海报,请在注册表中明示,最终报告形式请以日程安排为准。

Submission Method | 投稿方式

Online submission channel 在线投稿链接:

Important Dates | 重要时间

Paper Presentation Guidelines | 论文报告小贴士

1. A total of 15 minutes has been allocated for each paper presentation, including time for questions. / 每篇报告有15分钟展示时间,包括提问环节。

2. Session chairpersons will strictly enforce this limit. Presenters are requested to keep their presentation within the time limits stated. / 分会主席会严格把控时间。请各位报告人控制好自己的时间。

3. For presenters using Microsoft Power Point, they are encouraged to bring their files on a USB flash drive (thumb drive) and upload their file before session starts directly onto the laptop or desktop computer. / 请将您的报告资料于会前拷到会议电脑里,并查看是否可以正常播放。

4. Presenters may also use their own laptops if their presentations require special software or code. / 如果报告包含特定软件或播放模式,报告人可以使用自己的电脑,请于会前做好测试工作。